Zernergy kids was created in 2006 at the initiative of Rudy Dropsy. Coach graduate , rigorous and passionate , he will guide you with safety and efficiency in the practice of this sport, either a beginner or confirmed . Zenergy Kids activities take place in a vast complex of 240 m2 including 90 m2 of tatami mats.




For children , karate allows to share every part of the body and stimulates the body awareness, memory, flexibility and agility. Balance working with the basic positions that reinforce the tone of legs , coordination with simultaneous execution techniques fists and legs, which contributes to the development of the child. The ritual of bowing in (shomen), the dual activity and technical expression ( kata ) develop concentration and help to channel energy. It is an intense sport where the child will develop his potential and acquire a strong sense of self , respecting others and learning to live in society .



The sessions are from September to February and February to July . New courses for beginners from 4 more years will begin in mid -February. We also organize regular training during the holidays. See page Holidays camps and courses . Contact us for schedules !




Our club, located in Capellen, has a family atmosphere but is concerned about the discipline. Child or adult, there is a great pleasure to discover or to perfect your Karate.